Monday, October 26, 2009

A very, very cool poem by William Stafford.

What Happens When You Get Lost

By William Stafford

Out in the mountains nobody gives you anything.

And you learn what the rules were after the game is over.

By then it is already night and it doesn’t make any difference

What anyone else is thinking or doing because now you have to

Turn into an Indian.

You remember stories and now you know that the tellers were

Part of all they told.

And everyone else was, and even you.

They’re all around you now, but if you’re afraid you will never find them.

And those questions that people always ask-

“What would you do if…”

They have their own answer right now- nothing.

Some things cannot be redeemed in a hurry no matter what the intentions are.

What could be done had to have been done a long time ago.

Because mistakes have consequences that do not just disappear.

If evil could be canceled easily it would not be very evil.

And so, the stars see you.

While you drift away they have their own courses and they watch you.

And listen, they already know your name.

Doing some sketches of good ol' Abe. Wow, he had some scary eye brows!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Electronics are the future. No questions about it now. So glad I have a big library, though. Not overly happy when I've moved and had to carry all the boxes of books. But I'm still happy to be surrounded by my books. Below is a link to an image- a flexible screen. Bendable, foldable, touch sensitive. Soon to be capable of retaining the tactile quality of paper and cloth. The gap between the "book reading" experience and the "electronic book" reading experience is shrinking very, very quickly. Any question that this will make the printing of books less profitable? And sooner rather than later- obsolete? As a lover of trees, this makes me very happy! But as a lover of books- I am a little sad. And as a writer/illustrator- I'm kinda scared! Have no fear, all you illustrators and writers- regardless of the venue- the world NEEDS story makers (that would be us)!