Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When the concerned parents came to the PTO meeting to complain about the new "illegal alien" child who'd invaded the 3rd grade- they found that "Eliot" didn't exactly look as they had imagined he would. Some were pleasantly surprised to find that Eliot spoke excellent English. Better, even, than most of the parents- with just a little bit of an "off-planet" twang. But most felt justified in their original sense of outrage! The "drool" thing was still an issue. They lodged an official complaint and left feeling satisfied that they'd done their civic duty. God Bless America. These colors don't run. Amen.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Teddy Roosevelt

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. D., had an anatomy such that she could correct and grade our homework directly on her upper, front parts. Very impressive. And frightening- she cast a very big shadow. I remember one kid actually got a concussion from that shadow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"The Wise Men" 1997, watercolor and goauche on 140 lb. Arches cold press.
This piece is now hanging in the Mazza Gallery at the University of Findlay in Ohio. The piece is my way of celebrating the Elders- our wise old folks and ancestors- the ones who recognize the potent power of positive thinking, prayer and a kind word. Long Live the Elders!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some times I get a little angry over something silly and then I realize I haven't eaten anything in a while.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got Peas? This is a sketch of a monster for the Danny Schnitzlein book "The Monster Who Ate My Peas!". We went in a different direction but I like this guy. My son Gabe thinks it's a self portrait. Thank you Gabe!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Buh Bye Books...

Former head librarian of Kingswood/Cranbrook and good friend Noni St. Amand just forwarded this Boston Globe link to me. Read on and quake with fear all ye book lovers-


Good bye books. Kinda scary. Are we on the quick slide to "Idiocracy" or is this just a natural movement towards the digitization of all info?
I'm heading down to my local used book store and start buying cart loads. And all my National Geographcs (own every issue from 1942 till 2000) that I use for reference but have been tired of dragging around for the past 15 years and thought about putting out on the curb- their value just leaped up ten fold. I don't care how heavy they are. The article above just proves to me that my fears for the passing of printed material into the "quaint but out-moded" venue is not without a basis in fact. The knuckle head dean of that prep school may have saved some space and some money in the short term for the school's trustees but he has just bankrupted the schools value as a source of all forms of learning. They'll regret this in the near future. My NatGeos and all my books (and I have many) aren't just worth their weight in gold. They are gold.

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
Pablo Picasso

Long Live the "Independent Dames"!

"Independent Dames"! Ever Heard of Sybil Ludington? Sarah Fulton? Kate Barry? No? But we all know Paul Revere and Patrick Henry. These women did as much and more than any man to aid in the fight for American Independence.

Sybil Ludington? On the night of April 26, 1777, her family received word that British troops had begun burning Danbury, Connecticut. A messenger arrived at Col. H. Ludington's home, begging for relief. The Colonel sent his 16 year old daughter, Sybil, on a mission to "raise the militia"! She rode through the night- over 40 miles (more than twice Mr. Revere's ride)- and raised an army of 400!
Sarah Fulton? "Mother of the Boston Tea Party", she helped organize and disguise her husband, brother and the "Sons of Liberty" in their protest raid on British shipping in 1773. She took care of wounded soldiers brought down from the Battle of Breed's (Bunker) Hill and snuck messages to Gen. Washington through British lines during the siege of Boston.
Kate Barry? A spy and scout for American troops in South Carolina. Prior to the "Battle of the Cowpens", a major Colonial victory, Kate gathered and led a large number of militia rifleman to bolster the forces under American commander, Daniel Morgan.
Long Live the "Independent Dames"!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Irritation

Ok, this is frustrating. I just wanna put some images on this thing. Grrrr.....
I need help. Calgon! Take me away!
Howdy Folks,
This is my first ever post on my blog.
Got my knickers in a twist I'm so excited.
Right now I'm working on my new graphic novel rant - "The Box or How I Became a World Famous Illustrator!". A kid's book manuscript which is just now going out through my agent to editors! Woohoo!
I've attached a sketch from the story.
Also setting up my back room for my oil painting. Haven't had an oil painting studio since I left with my son, Gabe, from the Fourth Street Studio in Berkeley. About time. Oils can give me a headache but, good Gawd, I love pushing that stuff around on a canvas. Or a board. So nice!
O and I want to say "Thanks" to my Academy of Art University student, Nathan Gilmer, for taking the time to set this baby up for me! You da man, Nate.
You can see his work at his site-
The dude's got skills!
I'll be back soon!