Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last class with my Fall 2009 AAU kid's book Overgrad students today! Very proud of them and their work! Yay AAU/San Francisco Overgrads!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A different kind of illegal Alien.

Last session with my AAU/San Francisco undergrad Kid's Book group Fall 2009. Gonna miss 'em. Fine group of artists. Little worried that I've shared too much with them. New, excellent talent on the market is not what I need. Think I'll advise them to take up dentistry. Teehee.
Here's a character design which I just posted for sale on Etsy.
Hope you dig it.
Just booted a neocon "friend of a friend" from my FB page. Been politely listening to him for months and just couldn't stand his wacky "It's Us or Them" mumbo jumbo anymore. Gotta be careful who I friend on Facebook.
O, I've also heard that there's been sightings of Santa's Elves. Keep yer eyes peeled. They're everywhere!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Newsflash- It's Late December, 1941. FBI agents raid homes of U.S. citizens of Japanese/American descent in San Francisco Bay Area- removing radios, cameras, all material of Japanese nationalist content such as flags, photos of Mt. Fuji, postcards and wedding picture albums, and any item that could be used as a weapon-ceremonial swords, letter openers and little-league baseball bats. Could this ever happen again?

I'm going to keep posting just because.

Dearest Blog Comrades-
Someday, somebody is going to pay attention to this. I know it! So it is for you, future blog reader, that I continue to persevere!
Onward Blog Soldiers, marching as to War!
more xox,
Uncle Mattski

Howdy Comrades-
Very sad 'cause Kris just left this a.m. and now I'm waiting for her flight to land.
Working on new graphic novel- Japanese American Internment.
Lot's of pages to sketch out. The thumbnail stage always freaks me out.
Back to work.
Uncle Matt