Sunday, September 13, 2009

Howdy Folks,
This is my first ever post on my blog.
Got my knickers in a twist I'm so excited.
Right now I'm working on my new graphic novel rant - "The Box or How I Became a World Famous Illustrator!". A kid's book manuscript which is just now going out through my agent to editors! Woohoo!
I've attached a sketch from the story.
Also setting up my back room for my oil painting. Haven't had an oil painting studio since I left with my son, Gabe, from the Fourth Street Studio in Berkeley. About time. Oils can give me a headache but, good Gawd, I love pushing that stuff around on a canvas. Or a board. So nice!
O and I want to say "Thanks" to my Academy of Art University student, Nathan Gilmer, for taking the time to set this baby up for me! You da man, Nate.
You can see his work at his site-
The dude's got skills!
I'll be back soon!

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