Saturday, January 12, 2013

To me, the proliferation of violent video games and violence in the media all speak to a great dis-ease in our national community. Some point out that there are other cultures that play games of this sort to a far greater degree than we do without the violence we see here. Its my feeling that we are now at a point where finding reasons why other cultures are capable (for the moment) of indulging in violent video games without the result we're seeing in the U.S. is not a reason for us to ignore the affect of these video games on our culture. This argument reminds me of folks who share that the FBI has done studies that connect a lessening of violent crime with the playing of these games. To me that's just acknowledging the powerful anesthetizing affect of this media. "Keep the kids doped on this stuff and you'll keep them out of jail." We've used this material as a baby sitter for twenty years now and we're seeing the result. These games are as addictive as drugs. And we're feeding our children behavior-altering violent material on a massive scale on a daily basis.
What do you think?

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