Monday, February 25, 2013

This is Ken Ozawa. Ken is a character in "Gaijin-American Prisoner of War", a graphic novel written & illus.d by me, publ.d by Disney/Hyperion, 2014. Ken was an excellent baseball player- a star pitcher for the YMCA team in his San Francisco neighborhood. In 1942, 4 months after the Japanese Imperial navy attacked Pearl Harbor, Ken and his family (grandmother, 2 grandfathers, mother and father, younger sister and baby brother) were removed from their home and incarcerated in the Alameda Downs temporary Internment Camp. Alameda Downs was a converted horse racing track. Ken and his family lived in a horse stall for four months until they were transferred to the Agua Dulce Internment camp in the desert of eastern California. Pencil, 2011.

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