Saturday, November 9, 2013

In-process portraits of Henry Brewster Stanton for a book on the American Suffrage movement for Disney/Hyperion, to be publ.d 2016. While I had fun doing the original pencil on the left- I don't like Stanton, he ran out on his wife Elizabeth at a very pivotal moment, and so I made him look a little crazy- I didn't like how the transfer to water color and gouache (center image) exaggerated this crazy-cartoon interpretation. So I went back and redrew Hank, softening his feature, making that ear smaller, mellowing out the palette and taking a little of the crazy out of his eyes. The image of the far right is where I am now. While I don't mind putting my feelings about an historic figure into my rendition of him/her, I don't think it wise to exaggerate their features to the point where they become monstrous. Unless, of course, they were monstrous. 
Pencil, water color, gouache, 2013.

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