Friday, December 7, 2012

Double page spread illustration for "The Giving Season",  written and illus.d by me, distributed by Somerset Collection.  Back in the mid-1990's I was hired by a very large mall in Michigan to create a book for their holiday presentation. The story told of an usual friendship made between Princess Sophia, who'd been locked in a tower by her royal parents primarily because she happened to be the last kid in the realm and the King and Queen and all the grown-ups were completely fed up with kids, and the King's jester, Phelonious Quirke, a completely selfish little character. The mall printed a standard run of 10,000 hard cover books and used the characters and setting I created for the book to design monstrous puppets (20 ft long) and a 4 story castle for Santa. Learned a bunch from working on this project, in particular establishing ownership of intellectual property (the book) and how to defend them. Water color, gouache, 1996.

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