Monday, December 17, 2012

This is a sketchbook page I started when my son Gabriel Faulkner was in little league. During one game I was sitting in the dug out and looking at my son and his team mates and thought- I should do a drawing of each one of them and, I don't know, maybe make a t-shirt for the kids or something. I asked all the kids to stand still for a few minutes and let me draft the basic lines of their faces. They and their parents were a little apprehensive by my drawing them but also very appreciative when they saw the result. Well, as you can see, I never finished the sketches. I don't know why I left it this way. Maybe I just got busy. Or maybe I got tired of running after each boy and getting him to stand still so I could draw him. Or maybe I just didn't like the way the drawings were turning out. It's a fact that hyper self criticism has forced me to flatten so many fun projects. Yuck, I don't like the internal critic! Any way, as always with any creative effort that had merit but was never completed I regret that this was left unfinished. However, in and of itself, just the way it is- I really enjoyed finding this drawing and seeing the sunny smiles of my son and his team mates. Pencil, 2002.

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