Monday, May 13, 2013

Editorial illustration for a weekly article with the tag "On The Mark", which I used to draw for Computer World Magazine, art directed by the ├╝bertalendted Stephanie Brockway! It was a great gig. Mark (of "On the Mark") would email me the article on Monday in the a.m.. I'd work up some visual ideas and send back sketches in the afternoon. I'd usually get the go ahead from the editor in the evening or early Tuesday and get busy putting together the final art. First a pen&ink drawing, copy that, place it on the light box and do a water color wash on some Arches 140lb. cold press. Then scan the drawing and water color together and zip the thing over to the magazine by Tuesday evening. Got to put some fun stuff in the art such as "Marvin the Martian" and "Get Smart". Miss that gig. Pen&Ink, water color, 2006. 

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