Friday, May 24, 2013

More sketches done at the "Sportsfield", a little pub in Tralee, Ireland. Here are a few more of the lads I did quick sketches of in the Sportsfield all those many nights ago. Funny thing, I wanted to sing when I went to the pub. People do that in pubs in Ireland. Or, at least I do. And those who know me, know that I will sing without much encouragement. MIchael, my Irish friend who invited me to join him at the pub, assured me that this was a "singing pub". However, the crowd that made it to the pub that night weren't very much interested in hearing anyone sing, but most especially me. Brendan (shown in this sketch) was one of the more vociferous in making his feelings known about my singing. I applauded him in his candor and sang anyway. If it had not been for my pen and the sketches I did of just about everyone in the place, it's quite possible I would've found myself out on the curb in short notice. "Noisy yank." Another testament to the power of sketching. Ruth McNally Barshaw knows what I'm talking about! Pen&Ink, 2/23/2006.

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