Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I was walking down Tobergal Lane towards the Garavogue (a rough little stream in the center of town- aptly named the Garavogue, which in Gaelic means "rough little or young thing") in Sligo Town, Ireland, and happened upon this young fiddler. Oooowee, she was good! I felt inspired. Luckily I had my pad of water color paper, a pencil and 4 tubes of gouache- burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre and titanium white.  I bought a cup of tea and a scone, got a cup of water sat down on a big rock and got busy painting. This is the result. Anatomy is somewhat wonky, but what the heck, I was sitting on a rock and this is a very pleasant memory. 
Pencil, gouache, 1999.

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