Thursday, October 3, 2013

Portrait sketches of Henry Brewster Stanton, husband of American Super Shero- Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I'm doing portraits of all the major players in the suffragette movement for a book on the subject to be published by Disney in 2016. Here's the resource I'm using to draw old Hank. This is him back in the mid-19th century. Fine looking specimen. Very proud of his chops. The sketch in the middle was done in my sketch book. After working that up for a bit I took a copy of it and traced it with a light box onto some Arches 140 lb. cold press. The image all the way to the right is that traced sketch with tone added. Did some refining of features, softening angles and, most importantly, I added the darkened hair on his head. Funny, I was wondering why he looked older in the sketchbook drawing, then I darkened his hair (as per his photo) in the underlying drawing for the water color and, whatdyaknow, it looked a little more like the old boy. Actually, I'm not a fan of Henry's. I know everyone has their limitations but he skipped out on Elizabeth at a very important moment of the first women's rights conference in 1850. It was supposed to be his job to read the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (Elizabeth's creation, a Declaration of Independence for American Women, if you will). At that time it was thought unseemly for women to stand up and speak before a crowd. He was asked to do the speaking and was happy to do it until, that is, he read that one of Elizabeth's demands was the right to vote. For some reason this really put Hanks boxers in a twist. Apparently, he packed his bag and left the night before he was to read the Declaration. Geesh, Hank. At least you could've hung around for the after glow. Pencil, 2013.

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