Sunday, October 7, 2012

End paper double-page spread for "Trick or Treat On Monster Street" by Danny Schnitzlein and illus.d by me, publ.d by Peachtree. Embarrassing to note that this double-page illustration is for a vertical format book and that I did the original sketches for an horizontal format book. When I turned in the final art, the art director graciously converted the horizontal type layout to the surprising new vertical one I'd just delivered. Never heard a word about it from her until coincidentally I presented some of the material from this book to an SCBWI conference at which she too was presenting a few years back. She sat in on my talk and smiled as I acknowledged that I'd made a classic newbie mistake on my 34th book project. Very classy. Gave her some big applause. Water color, gouache, 2008.

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