Friday, October 19, 2012

In honor of Spirit Day 2012: 
In 2007, my son Gabriel Faulkner and I had the privilege to visit this gentleman's village while traveling with our friend Malidoma Some to Burkina Faso, West Africa. Before arriving, Malidoma explained to us that this gentleman and his partner are what the Dagara (the tribe dominant in that area) people call "Gatekeepers". A Gatekeeper is a very important part of the
 community. Gatekeepers, by their biological/spiritual makeup are natural guides/interpreters of all things spiritual. They sit, both metaphorically and physically at the threshold between the material world and the spiritual realms. Malidoma also shared with us that Gatekeepers are gay. He told us that there is no same gender couple fears in Dagara culture. Malidoma paraphrased- "Why would anyone fear or threaten the existence of a person or couple when they bring so much good to the community. It's not even an issue that is considered here. Furthermore, the Dagara find western phobias on this issue to be the expression of a community that has a lot of growing up to do." Charcoal, 2007.

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