Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something I wanted to share with you a couple of weeks ago:
     Christmas Eve was, is and will be the best day of the year for me. Better even than Christmas or the last day of school or even Halloween. 
     Christmas Eve better than Christmas Morning?! But Matt, you ask, how can that be? 
Well, I reply, on Christmas Eve it just feels like it's all possible. It's all happening. The big day is before us but right now, the night before, all that really matters is our being together and having fun, yearning, shining. There are no demands, no gift-giving remorse or let-downs or gift opening exhaustion. Everything is still wrapped. It's all possible.
All of the fun, the electric Halleluja energy, all the singing, all the hopes and fears through the years come shining forth on Christmas Eve and sit there, smiling, right there on the couch. 
     People being happy just for the sake of being happy- even when they might not feel they should be happy- well, when that kind of magic makes an appearance the sky is the limit. I mean, if that kind of happy is possible, who knows what kind of crazy-happy stuff might show up at the front door on Christmas Eve!
     No advertising, no marketing, no gift- no matter how big or expensive- can compete with the power and joy of Christmas Eve.
     Everything is possible on Christmas Eve! I knew this as a kid. And I try to remember it now. 
Long Live Christmas Eve!
your pal,

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