Thursday, November 8, 2012

A pencil sketch for "The Return of Fletcher Leadbelly", a sequel to a book I wrote and Illus.d called "The Amazing Voyage of Jackie Grace" (publ.d by Scholastic, 1985). I scanned the pencil sketch and then simply used the Hue/Saturation in the program to colorize the grey tones through waaaay too many layers. Was tedious but I liked the result. Luckily I also like the result of applying water color to paper. And my fingers don't ache as much when I'm using a brush instead of 
typing. Oh, and, "The Return of Fletcher Leadbelly" is a manuscript that has yet to find a home. So, if you're a publisher who needs a wild, funny, quirky graphic for 10 year olds- this one's for you! Otherwise, "Leadbelly" is going to be digitally self published and distributed through Amazon (scary, I know) as soon as I finish my graphic novel in January. Oh, and 
in these panels, Leadbelly has changed out of his substitute teacher disguise and taken control, with the help of Mrs. Duffy's 4th grade class, (to whom he'd made lot's of promises which he didn't mean to keep) of Parmenter Elementary school. Leadbelly and the kids have rigged the school as a schooner and are now sailing it down Main st. toward the harbor and freedom. Jackie Grace and Principal Dorfmann, having attempted to stop the madness, are now tied to the mast/flag pole on the roof with an orange extension cord. Things aren't looking very hopeful for the good guys. If only Mrs. Duffy were here. She'd know how to handle that dastardly pirate/substitute teacher. Pencil, photoshop, 2004.

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