Thursday, November 15, 2012

Final double page spread illustration for pages 28/29 of "Thank You Sarah-The Woman Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving", written by Laurie Halse Anderson and illus.d by me, publ.d by Simon&Schuster. Funny story: I remember visiting Simon&Schuster in NYC in the spring of 2002. The art had been delivered and I'd come to the city to have lunch with Kevin Lewis, my editor and Alyssa Eisner Henkin, then his assistant editor now a great literary agent. I remember standing next to Kevin as we reviewed the work. He was saying some nice things about the illustrations and his eye fell upon this piece. He was very much impressed with the design and the fact that I'd placed the soldiers from the north standing upon the word "United" and the soldiers from the south upon the word "States". He went on to talk about my wit and keen eye for symbolism and visual metaphor in the illustration, noting that the north fought originally for union and the south fought for states rights. When he was finished he looked at me with, I guessed, some hope of affirmation from me that this had been my plan. I think I replied "Yup." and smiled, knowing that I'd just put the blue guys on the left and the grey guys on the right cause I thought it looked cool. So much for the genius of me! ;) We had a nice lunch too. Watercolor, pen&ink, 2001.

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