Monday, November 19, 2012

Illustration for "Thank You Sarah, The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving" by Laurie Halse Anderson illustrated by me, publ.d by Simon&Schuster, 2003. Sarah Hale, born 1788, a widower who raised 5 children, a published author and publisher of America's first magazine for women- petitioned for abolishing slavery, equal education for girls and boys, ending corporal punishment for children and saved Thanksgiving for us all! Funny story on this one. The art on the back cover showed the same balloon dinosaur from the Macy's parade on the left with it's little parade handlers. Because the art director, in placing the art, trimmed the little handlers off the bottom, all you can see is the dinosaur. To this day I get emails from kids and grown-ups asking me what a green dinosaur has to do with Thanksgiving. Watercolor, pen&ink, 2002.

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