Friday, September 21, 2012

A story that could be true:
(Names and stuff have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent)
Handsome young illustrator step-dad Clark sat in the middle skool curriculum meeting for his bonus kids on Thursday night. Having already read and memorized all the material on the yellow curriculum brochure and, he decided to draw goofy pictures of middle schoolers in margins while the teachers talked about the stuff on the brochure which, as you may recall, handsome young Clark had already memorized. Suddenly, one of the teachers began to shake and writhe! The teacher raised a trembling hand and shreeched at Ma... I mean Clark- "You're scribbling, Mister! Put down that pen and pay attention!" Handsome young Clark calmly and with great grace and compassion stood and said "Dear teacher, this is not scribbling. It is drawing. And it's just as important as writing and math." A stunned hush wafted from the crowd of parents. Clark smiled beatifically then went on to repeat everything that had been said during the meeting, quoted word for word every word on the brochure, shared the periodical chart of elements (adding two new elements which he'd discovered while fixing the disposal unit in the kitchen that afternoon). Afterward Clark created an exact replica of the Sistine Ceiling on the promethean board, did drawings of everyone in the room and hugged all the teachers who apologized for disrespecting drawing and admitted that they were way grumpy after having to teach all day and then stay after school for five hours (without pay). Applause roared through the halls and a promise was made by the school administration to restructure the whole educational process (with an emphasis on making the arts as important a core element as math and writing) as handsome young Clark left the building.
The end. 
Pen&Ink, 9/20/12

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