Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sketch of Rinvyle Castle (or it's remains), near Mt. Tully in Ballynakill, County Galway, Ireland. I was traveling with a couple of RISD pals, Mike Rafferty and Mike Dorsey, and up to this point in our travels we'd gone from Dublin up through N. Ireland and then back down through Donegal, Sligo, Claire and were about to meet up with my old Arlington High School pal Chris Mattheisen in Galway. It was early in the evening, we'd been touring all day, and as we came over a rise we found this ruin. Not unusual in Ireland. There're ruins just about every few feet out in the west especially. But this one was particularly  enticing in the early evening moonlight. I sketched out the basics and then hopped back into the car with Mike and Mike and finished drawing using my flashlight. Very bumpy ride. Actually, I was very happy to have this drawing to concentrate on because one of the Mikes was somewhat aggressive in his driving technique on the winding, skinny, treacherous country lanes and I probably would've been weeping otherwise. Makes sense that one of our mottos for the quest was "Let's not die or be horribly maimed." Pen&Ink, 1989.

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