Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Doin's!
The shippers just left. In the back of their big blue truck they're carrying 13 of my babies- alright, they're not my babies- my illustrations are on their way to the Appleton Art Museum in Ocala, Fl. ( they'll be hanging in
 the Maurice Sendak tribute exhibit in November next to some way cool art by the likes of Chris Van Allsburg, Chris Raschka, Leo and Diane Dillon, Brian Selznick and Mo Willems! Woot! Very excited. But I'm feeling a little "empty nest-ish" just now. My babies!

13 of my illustrations are heading to the Appleton Museum of Art in Florida for the Maurice Sendak tribute show in November!

Here we see shipping/packing experts Bill and Ted. First they wrapped the two framed pieces. Then they built a cardboard bow for each and then wrapped and encased the 11 unframed pieces.

Shippers Bill and Ted putting my babies on board the big blue truck!

Just look at those shippers Bill and Ted taking such good care of my babies! 
And so we say "Farewell" to shippers Bill and Ted as they and my babies wend their way southward to the lovely Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida! Bon voyage, you brave young shippers! Have an excellent adventure!

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