Friday, September 14, 2012

Pencil layout sketch for "The Pirate Meets the Queen", a picture book I wrote and illustrated for Phylomel. These thumbnail sketches differ from the more detailed intermediate sketches I do in that in the thumbnails a. I focus more on the p
lacement of characters within an environment, b. I investigate the camera angle and simple light source in the thumbnail and c. the thumbnails are done at about 1/4 size of the finish and the intermediates are done at 1/2 to 3/4s the final size and 4. I don't show the thumbnails to the editor. I was not satisfied with the title of the book. My original title was "An Ban Rí" which is Gaelic for "The Woman King". Granny O'Malley, the hero of the story, was the chieftain of the clan after her father. The Gaels didn't have a word for chieftainess so the called her the An Ban Rí. I argued for the original title but lost the battle. No worries. I had big fun making the art and the book did pretty well. Pencil, 2002.

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