Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ok, it's my birthday so I'm making two posts today. Here's number two. This is page 36 from my book "Gaijin-American Prisoner of War", to be publ.d by Disney Koji and his mom Adeline were walking home from church when two trench coat FBI men cornered them and questioned them about Koji's dad. This wasn't uncommon government agent behavior during the frightening days following the attack on Pearl 
Harbor. FBI agents arrested all Japanese American men in the San Francisco area between the age of 25 and 45. Anything that had Japanese content- Wedding photos, calendars, Kimonos etc., were confiscated by the FBI. Anything that could be used as a weapon, including baseball bats, was confiscated. All radios were confiscated. Like all Japanese Americans on the west coast, Koji was just the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. Water color, gouache, 2012.

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