Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Early character sketch for Jelly (short for Julius), one of the heroes from "A Taste of Colored Water", written and illus.d by me, publ.d by Simon&Schuster. Funny to find this sketch. Made me think of how long I'd actually been working on this project prior to it being published. I remember when I first started formulating the story was back in 1998 when I'd heard an African American woman on NPR speaking of her childhood in the South and the age at which she stopped thinking the water in the "colored" water fountain was fruit flavored. A simple mistake, really. What kid wouldn't want to believe that the water fountain with the sign "colored" over it pumped ice cold grape juice on a hot summer day?  Makes sense. A heck of a lot more sense than it's real purpose. Pen&Ink, 2006.

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